Millennials and Tech

Do you spot a Millennial when you see one? Well… Hell of a question, right? You can easily do a simple math and evaluate the age. Millennials are born between 1982 – 2000 or better put they reached young adulthood in the early 21st century. But do you feel their millennial backbone? Do you understand […]

5 things you should know about … crew briefings

This article is part of our series called “5 things you should know about …” and it is a series focused on discussing matters not so “technical” and more based on our own personal experiences. There is a lot of subjectivity here and we love that. Boating is a personal experience; it is about humans […]

8 most interesting facts about sailing and boats

Ahoy there! As boaters, skippers and sailing enthusiast, some of the members of our team started looking up interesting and fun facts about sailing, during one of our trips. Having some time to kill during one of our trips on the glistening Turkish Blue Coast, we starting telling stories heard from fellow boaters. In truth, […]

5 things you should know about … boat check-in

We all chartered boats in our life as skippers. It is a fantastic opportunity to explore sailing areas all over the world and it has become more and more affordable. One no longer has the problems associated with owning a boat but gets all the benefits. Your vacations have never been the same since you […]

Sailing in the Netherlands.

All of us had that moment in life when we first went sailing. In most of the cases we had the chance to experience this either through our parents, who took us on a boat, or a friend who invited us on one of their trips, but that experience was the one that made us […]

Safest vacation you could have nowadays!

Summer is just around the corner and deciding the destination of your vacation, especially this year, might be the hardest yet. Safety is by far the most important aspect when it comes to choosing how you are going to spend some of your most treasured, most awaited 7 days of the year. To help you […]

At distance, but still together

In the past few months our lives have changed and our perspective on human interactions has been adjusted accordingly. We were faced with a challenge that we thought we would never have to deal with again, especially in these modern times when technology seems to find the answer for almost all of our problems. But […]

Impact of the pandemic on the boating season

Ahoy! We are back writing on our blog because we think these thoughts might also be on your mind. It all started while we were having a virtual meeting discussing our future developments and a question popped up. A question that was actually on everyone’s mind. What is the impact of this pandemic on the […]

Social distancing for boaters

Ahoy there! We know that you are driven by passion and we know it is hard during these times to stay away. Most of us dream of being allowed to get back on the water but for others, this is still a valid option. So the question we are trying to answer is: should we […]

Life jacket dangers! What could happen to you while wearing one

One of the primary lifesaving and preserving things that need to be on a boat is the life jacket. We can all agree to that. However, using a life jacket does not put you out of harm’s way 100%. In a previous post of ours, we discussed about the top primary boating accidents and what […]