Let’s work together

Our mission is to solve maritime operational challenges with smart digital solutions. If you share a similar mission, let’s partner to create more value together.

Squad Goals

Do you offer a product used by charter companies?
Together we can build an ecosystem that streamlines yacht charter businesses. We can help our customers work smarter and easier. Let’s explore how we can team up!

Let’s Help Each Other Grow

For us, partnerships are all about relationships. We are helping each other grow through collaboration and co-marketing.
Together we create value for us and for our customers!

It is a win-win-win approach!


Integrating our solutions we can create a seamless experience for our customers helping them solve operational challenges and manage their businesses even better


From go-to-market and more, we want to help cross-promote our partnership in order to increase our both brands’ reach.


We can explore a deeper partnership even in a reseller role. Together we can take on new and challenging projects.