Who we are

We could use the same intro as everyone else: we are passionate sailors who ….. but we won’t. It might be true, but this is not how we want to introduce ourselves. You heard this too many times. What we want to say about us is that we are a startup with a vision of a connected maritime ecosystem with limited impact on the environment. Our mission is to enable this with the power of digital tools and we strongly believe that, as founders with a solid background in IT, we can deliver this.

Unlock the power of digitization

We use digital tools in almost every aspect of our lives, either for work or private matters. We aim to unlock the power of digitization for the benefit of the maritime industry and its stakeholders.
Whether you are a sailor, a shipper, a yacht charter company or a port your activity is benefiting from digital tools in many ways. This makes operations more simple and efficient, it raises the engagement of your employees but at the same time keeps the highest level of customer service. A win-win-win. We built our first digital which is available here!

Enhance digital services with machine learning

We build digital tools but we aim to continuously enhance them. Enhancing means, for us, developing machine learning algorithms.
With machine learning, we want to provide new and unique tools for the industry – fromom accurate inbound traffic prediction to machine learning driven resources allocation algorithms, the industry can become even more efficient with these tools.

We connect

The world is more connected than ever and this is clearly benefiting us. We aim to connect the stakeholders in the maritime industry for a better collaboration. Collaboration is key to making any operation more efficient. Efficiency translates into less resources used and lower environmental impact.
For us it means that our users are in the center of our developments so that we can help them work together easily.