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The first digital platform designed for the yacht charter industry. Your operations will be more efficient and your customers will receive the best customer experience!
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Digital Check-in/Out

No more pen and paper, everything is digital nowadays. The forms are automatically generated based on the vessel profiles you created but they can always be customized.

Digital Customer Interface

The first digital customer onboarding interface for the yacht charter industry. It provides the best way to engage with your customers before the charter begins and during the check-in process.

Crew list and skipper information

Save lost time during the check-in day to get all the documents needed from your customers.

Digital Documents

The first easy way to generate and use digital contracts for the yacht industry. Start from a template and information is automatically filled in. From company name to customer name, everything is automated.

Crew and Base management

Your business should grow and we want to make it more efficient and simple. That is why you can create more bases for your yacht charter company.

Vessel Page & Live Status

A single access point for a full overview of your vessel related information, processes, documents and repairs history.

Process monitoring

Business process management is coming to the yacht charter industry. Now you can fully monitor your entire chartering process.

Task Allocation

Simple and clear task allocation and monitoring help your employee focus and be more efficient.

3 steps to a more efficient and digital
yacht charter business

Create users for your team

Simple as every account creation. After creating your account, you can activate accounts for your team members and allocate them to a base.

Create profiles for your vessels

The profile of your vessel is like a resume, input all the information about your vessel. From photos to inventory, everything that vessel has. Allocate it to a base and your team members from that base can manage it.

Create your document templates

Smart contracts and documents for the yacht charter industry. You can create a set of templates and allocate them to a certain base or vessel. Everything will be automatically filled in, you and your customer just need to sign it.

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Frequently asked question

The Digital Customer Interface is the first solution for the yacht charter industry that provides charter companies a single point of contact with their customers. Once you create a customer in the platform, allocate a vessel and input information about the charter contract, your customer receives an email to access his Customer dashboard. Now your customer can see all information needed regarding their charter period, can see contracts and sign them, can provide crew list information and also request additional services. Anytime you need to share documents with your customer, you can upload them directly in the customer dashboard and these will be automatically available for them. They can do the same for you, for example when they need to sign or fill in some specific document. Your advantage is simple: organizing your customer service is much easier, simpler and efficient. No more countless emails, no more complicated processes. Your business runs smoother, your customers will be more delighted about your customer service level.

Vessel page status and tasks are very much related to your internal business processes. It provides you with a clear overview of what is happening to your vessels in preparation for being chartered. Our solution is the first in the industry that provides a business process management approach for the yacht charter industry. Now you have a clear visibility of what is happening in your base, your employees as well. For example, vessels are back in the marina, now the first task is completing the check-out process, after that cleaning or repairing, followed by check-in and a final documents check. Now you have a clear visibility, your employees know exactly what they need to do. Sharing tasks between base employees or service providers (e.g. cleaning crew) is very easy, just copy a link and send it via email or any type of chat solution such as WhatsApp or Telegram

Now your employees can finalize the check-out process directly on their smartphones or tablets. They can fill in all required information, digitally sign the documents and send it to your customers. The check-in is similar, but you can choose whether your employee or your customer will do it. The forms are automatically generated based on the vessel profile you create when you mention the equipment and inventory. Of course, you can customize afterwards should you require it. 

This means faster check-out and check-in times.

Digital documents provide you with the first standardized contract management and automation for the yacht charter industry. You will be able to create your contract templates – charter contract, crew lists or other types of contracts and afterwards allocate them to your vessels. Now everything is automated. Once you create a customer and the customer receives access to their dashboard, your contracts are automatically created and ready to be digitally signed by your customers. How are the contracts automatically created? Your templates are automatically populated with information about your customer, base information, charter broker information, vessel information. The documents can be afterwards easily exported to PDF for you to save or print. This means your crew can focus on more important tasks rather than filling in endless documents for your customers and sending them via email. Imagine, for each customer you have at least a contract and a crew list that needs to be filled in, now this is automated.

We know that you might have more bases, we actually hope that your business grows and you will open more bases. We thought about this and you can create in the platform, as an administrator, more bases and employee accounts. You can allocate your employees to the bases you have. Your employees will be able to see only the vessels allocated to the same base they are allocated. For example, your employees that work in the Athens base, will not access the vessels in the Dubrovnik base. Another smart thing that happens, is that you can input company details for each base and your contracts generated will include that information.