Keep your promises to your clients

Keep your promises to build customer’s trust

Every business’s source of growth is represented by the new customers. Acquiring new customers means investing money in marketing, in building a brand, in gaining trust and ensuring that your existing clients are happy with your services.

The biggest challenge is to not be able to get to the client with the proper service because of miscommunication. If that happen, you know that it is a disaster and all your combined efforts so far, your invested resources are in jeopardy of being targeted by negative reviews that might cost your reputation.

One of the most meaningful steps to protect yourself is to make sure you establish a single point of contact between your team and your clients.

The Digital Customer Interface is the first solution for the yacht charter industry that provides charter companies a single point of contact with their customers.

Let’s see how you can benefit from it:

Once you create a customer in the platform, allocate a vessel and input information about the charter contract, your customer receives an email to access his customer dashboard.

Now your customer can see all information needed regarding their charter period, can see contracts, and sign them, can provide crew list information, and request additional services.

Anytime you need to share documents with your customer, you can upload them directly in the customer dashboard and these will be automatically available for them.

They can do the same for you, for example when they need to sign or fill in some specific document.

Your advantage is simple: organizing your customer service is much easier, simpler, and efficient. No more countless emails, no more complicated processes. Your business runs smoother, your customers will be more delighted about your customer service level.

Be available to your customers when they need you, and solve issues immediately, when possible.

Keep your promises to build customer’s trust!

Your customers contact you with a specific goal in mind. This can be to ask for your services, make a purchase, or get information and what they are looking for and the are paying attention to reliability, validation of their expectations and, most importantly responsiveness.

Request Early Access to the platform now and you can receive first year for free and after that, 50% off for life.

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