At distance, but still together

In the past few months our lives have changed and our perspective on human interactions has been adjusted accordingly. 

We were faced with a challenge that we thought we would never have to deal with again, especially in these modern times when technology seems to find the answer for almost all of our problems. But life has proven, again, to be more surprising than expected.

We are obliged to talk today about “the new normal”, about social distancing which maybe should be called physical distancing. We are more cautious in our interactions with others until we will find a solution to this problem. A problem that we still have not fully overcome.

For us, what we realized during this period is that we are social beings. This period of distancing or isolation has proven to us that we need social interaction, that we need to have activities that fulfill our need for relaxation, that we need our hobbies, that we need our vacations and travels, that we need our friends. 

Slowly but surely we are returning to our previous activities. Many countries are opening their borders for travels, some are expecting tourists and sailing seems to be permitted in most of the countries again. 

We want to be back on the water, we want our sailing adventures, we want to be on our boats, we want to experience freedom again. 

But all this comes with a new type of responsibility. We need to stay safe and aware of physical distancing. 

That is why we decided to initiate our campaign: “At distance, but still together”. We believe that we are a strong community and we are responsible for each other and only together we can overcome this challenge. 

For our campaign we have put together a set of posters that focus on awareness and remind us of some basic rules to follow that will keep all of us safe. We could call them “the updated rules of the sea”.

We hope that by seeing one of these you will remember to buy that disinfectant that you might have forgotten about, to ask for specific local regulations if you traveled to a new location. Any small action could make a difference, just like the butterfly effect. 

Therefore we offer as a free download our “At distance, but still together” posters. These come in various formats and we encourage you to print them and hang them somewhere visible. Maybe that person waiting in line during a charter check-in might get the right reminder by reading one of these. 

As said, small things do make a difference, awareness is important. 

To download the posters, just click the following link: 

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