Our beta is live! We make it official …


Netherlands-based startup, IQNautics, today launched its first application, IQNautics Boating, connecting boaters who travel on water in a flotilla. The innovative application will help them share their location live at sea, allowing easier planning and coordination, and offering support to each other in case of emergencies.

The application allows boaters to see the distance from one another in nautical miles, the gps coordinates of other flotilla members, and the speed they are travelling in real time.

The application can determine whether boaters in the flotilla are on water or on land, enabling accurate tracking and ensuring that their location information is shared with other flotilla members only when users are on water.

Boaters can log key milestones including nautical miles covered, highest speed reached, and other top achievements – even if they are not in a flotilla.

This world-first application is expected to shake up the recreational boating industry and it is the first step in building a vital smart boating platform for industry stakeholders that meets the needs of today’s connected world.

Whilst IQNautics boating is still in its infancy, it is expected to rapidly expand and grow its capabilities over the next few years.

The app is currently available for iOS smartphone users running a minimum iOS version 12.01, and is available to download for free from the Apple store. The Android version will be launched soon after.

About IQNautics

IQNautics is a startup company founded in 2017 in Heerlen, Netherlands by four experienced IT professionals with a passion for boating. In 2018, the company has successfully completed a feasibility study with a grant received from LIOF-LBDF  and is now launching its first product. The world today is more connected than ever before and the IQNautics team believes it is its mission to bring the boating community together into this new world. The numbers of boaters globally is at an all-time high, mobile connectivity is widely available in coastal areas and the charter industry is booming. IQNautics is committed to developing the best solutions for its users and wants to regularly engage with them for feedback and to understand what features they want to have. IQNautics has also created a global online community forum where users can engage with other boaters and share information or provide feedback or feature requests for the application, at https://community.iqnautics.com.
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