You know about QR codes! Make use of them for your business in a smart way. Here is how.


You know about QR codes! Make use of them for your business in a smart way. Here is how.

Technology is designed to make things simple to use and to understand and should provide a clear benefit. It should provide users a simple way to solve a problem.

Today we want to talk about QR codes. How and why we implemented this tool which at first glance is a very simple one, but it took a lot of development work to make it.

Everyone knows how a QR code works, one takes his or her smartphone out, opens a camera app and scans it. Once a QR is scanned, a browser opens straight to the relevant information.

Let’s explore how you can use QR codes for your yachts in order to accelerate your customer onboarding, meet their expectations and provide relevant information to them, when they need it.

With the IQNautics Yacht Charter platform, you can create for each item, equipment or specification a specific webpage with instructions, photos and even a link to a YouTube video. For each, so called, micro-webpage you can generate a QR code, you can download it, print it and stick it on your yachts where your customers can easily access them.

Here are the clear benefits why you should do that:

QR codes provide an easy and convenient way for charter clients to access instrument/equipment instructions. They can simply scan the code with their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical manuals or guides.

Space Saving:
Yachts often have limited space, and storing physical instruction manuals for various instruments can be challenging. QR codes reduce clutter and free up space on board.

Instant Access:
Clients can quickly access instrument instructions in real-time. Whether they are setting sail or encountering an issue while on the water, immediate access to instructions is invaluable for safety and convenience.

Multilingual Support:
Yacht charters often serve clients from around the world. QR codes can link to digital instructions available in multiple languages, ensuring that all clients can understand and use the instruments effectively.

Updates and Revisions:
Digital instructions linked to QR codes can be easily updated or revised. This ensures that clients always have access to the most current information, including any changes or improvements to instrument usage.

Interactive Content:
QR codes can link to multimedia content, such as videos or photo tutorials, which can be more engaging and informative than traditional printed manuals.

Reduced Environmental Impact:
Going digital with QR codes reduces the need for printed materials, contributing to a more eco-friendly and sustainable approach to yacht charters.

Enhanced Safety:
Quick access to instrument instructions promotes safe operation. In emergency situations, having clear instructions readily available can be crucial for the safety of passengers and crew.

Cost Savings:
Printing and distributing physical manuals can be costly for yacht charter companies. QR codes eliminate these expenses and can be easily updated without additional printing costs.

Improved User Experience:
Providing clients with a modern and tech-savvy way to access instructions enhances their overall experience. It shows that the charter company is forward-thinking and committed to client satisfaction.

Faster Induction:
Charter companies can use QR codes to get their clients to get accustomed to their yachts much faster and also in a self service manner. It provides clients the option to go thoroughly through the instructions by themselves, providing extra valuable time to employees who need to focus on more urgent tasks.

Incorporating QR codes with instrument instructions for chartered yachts not only improves the client experience but also offers operational benefits for charter companies. It’s a technology-driven solution that aligns with modern expectations for convenience and accessibility, ultimately enhancing safety and satisfaction for all parties involved.

Reach out to us for a free demo and non binding discussion to see how you can optimize your operations and enhance your customer experience.

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