Safer together! Easier planning!

Smart logging!

Create a flotilla and add other skippers to it. You can see their location, speed and distance relative to you. Now it is easier to provide assistance in case of need or better time your arrivals by knowing the location of all members of your flotilla.


On top of that, you can log your personal bests such as how many nautical miles you covered or highest speed reached on water.


You can see the gps coordinates of the other flotilla members, their speed and also distance relative to you.

Are you the Alpha Skipper to your flotilla? Now you can prove it.


The application intelligently logs your nautical miles, highest speed and longest leg. No worries, your app is smart enough to know when you are on water so it won’t track any land activities. Now you will know how many nautical miles you covered on water during your trips.

Be the Alpha skipper to our Beta!

Download the app, use it and share it with other boaters.


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That is why we made it very easy for you with our online community! Check it out.
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