When a hobby can be used for helping others! Sailing4charity.com

Life is good for us sailors. We have a great hobby and we have the means to pursue it. We are lucky! But not everyone is like us and many are at a point in their life when they would need some help, and trust me, any kind of help is welcome. We came to […]

What I love about sailing!

I am sitting here looking at this screen trying to write about my passion for sailing and why I love it. There are so many ideas coming to my mind that it makes it difficult to keep it short. Where to start and what to outline in just a few paragraphs? Difficult. It crossed my […]

What is boating for me!

It all started few years ago. A friend came back from a different kind of vacation with fantastic stories about wonderful islands and days spent sailing under the Mediterranean sun. I was fascinated and asked for details. It was in the early days of sailing vacations and I was totally into it. It took me […]

Some facts and numbers

We are honest, we are not good writers. We might be IT guys, we might be sailors but we are definitely not writers. …and because of that and because we are a number driven bunch, our first article in our stories section could not have been something else than, an infographic. Here are some interesting […]